24 Hours of Care

The Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation is dedicated to supporting Canada’s unpaid family caregivers.

Family caregiving often happens in private. That means that even though it’s a responsibility that affects over 8 million Canadians, it’s rarely talked about, leaving many caregivers without the support they need both physically and mentally.

To give Canadians an honest and insightful look at what caregiving looks like, we made 24 Hours of Care, a documentary that shines a much-needed light on the challenges family caregivers face every day.

We followed 10 real family caregivers from across the country and documented a day in their lives. With this film, we hope to educate, inform, and generate support for the millions of caregivers across Canada who dedicate their lives to caring for a loved one.

About the Foundation

The Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation was created to raise awareness of the challenges faced by family caregivers, and to raise funds to support the critical resources and programs offered by charitable organizations across Canada that support them.

Our Foundation’s vision is a country where family caregivers are valued, recognized, and supported. To learn more about the work of the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation, click here to visit our website.

If you are a family caregiver looking for support, visit https://www.caremakers.ca/resources for a list of resources and organizations in your area who can offer assistance.

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